What do you know of fear—-Daylight Savings Time is coming!!!


Boy, do I hate Daylight Savings Time!

I’m not a big fan of winter either, but I do like the sweaters. However, when you add cold to dark, good gravy! How about I just stand here and you can hit me with a stick?

Do I have Seasonal Affective Disorder? Sure, why not? I like to be trendy. I also have Restless Leg Syndrome! (By the way, how come we don’t see those commercials anymore? I think it’s because the drug companies realized we weren’t into that one.)

Getting back to Daylight Savings Time….

As I get older it bothers me more and more, for lots of reasons.

First, I don’t like time just switching. It’s 8am – gotcha- it’s 9am! What? The older I get the longer it takes me to adjust. “Gosh, I’m tired. What a long day. I think I’ll go to bed. What do you mean, it’s only 5pm?”

Second, the air is cold in winter. Agreed? The sun warms the air. Right? How about during the coldest time of the year, we give you less sun! It’s the same principal as giving a dehydrated runner less water.

Third, I gain weight and buy more silly things. Yes, I know this is a self discipline issue and the rest of you are so above it. But it’s really hard not to buy the bright red or yellow thing in some pathetic attempt to cheer myself up while noshing on any variety of comfort, calorie packed food item.

There are lots of other reasons and I don’t need to go into all of them.

In a nutshell, for me the return of Daylight Savings Time begins the time of more stillness, more introspection, more soul searching quiet. I have faced my darkest times during this darkest time of year.

And it has begun to signify another year passing and there is still so much to be done in my life. So many family members and friends to have fun with, so many new challenges to conquer, so many new adventures.

I need all the light I can get.


One thought on “What do you know of fear—-Daylight Savings Time is coming!!!

  1. Wow, Meg! That’s some good writing. I agree with you. I wish we could nix the time change. And I wish we had more sunny hours in winter. And I could do with less snow and ice. Let’s buy one of those sun lamps and have wine together until March or so. 😉

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