All I want for Christmas is…


“What do you want for Christmas?  What do you want?”  You might as well be asking me, “Who are you and what is your purpose in life?”  Because I just don’t know.

“What do you want for Christmas?” The question plagues me.

Only twice in my life have I even really been sure of what I wanted for Christmas.  Once when I was five I really wanted a Baby Crawls A Lot doll.  I got the doll, only my version was Baby Spasms A Lot.  Turns out she had a broken leg and my parents took it back despite my assurances I would love my handicapped baby no less.  But, back she went and I got a three foot tall stuffed lamb instead.  Are there children out there who like to play shepherd because I was not one of them.  The second time I wanted this Barbie Fashion Sketcher toy.  You put the plates down in any combination, blouse or sweater then pants or skirt then shoes, high heels or boots and then you rubbed a black crayon over it to form an outline.  The final step was to color your creation in like a mini fashion designer.  Still to this day it stands as my best Christmas gift ever.

But the question remains…”What do you want for Christmas?”

I want –

I want –

I want –

Listen, it doesn’t matter.  You could give me anything or give me nothing and it wouldn’t matter.

I can’t come up with a neat and tidy list for you.  A list easily fulfilled or clear or straightforward.  If you ask me on Tuesday I will give you a different answer than I gave you on Monday.

I’m your friend.  You have seen me laugh and cry.  I have done the same for you.  We shouldn’t need to ask these silly questions of each other.

You know my love of quiet mornings and I know your dislikes of driving alone at night. You have seen how I get bored at certain movies and I have delighted in your day to day humor.

I would venture to say we don’t even need Christmas to fulfill any of our wants.  Our needs have already been taken care of by each other.


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