Thoughts on Destiny


Pull up a chair because this may get confusing!

So, I am driving home from work the other day and I got to thinking about destiny.  Note that this is not a normal occurrence for me!  Normally when I drive home I am thinking mostly about dinner or my kids or any assortment of other mundane thoughts.

Anyway, I was driving home and I started to think about this new job I have.  I love this new job!   And after thinking about that I got a little pouty lamenting then about other jobs I hadn’t loved and why I had to wait so long in my life to find this current job…and on and on and on.

But then I stopped cold.  I realized that so much of my life up to this point has been raising my children and cultivating a marriage and growing up.  I have one son turing eighteen soon and another son about to be thirteen.  Both are good and kind and responsible and funny and both of them, in their own ways, have created a life for themselves which highlights their interests and talents.  But it was not easy getting them there!  As far as my marriage goes, well, it has been going on now for twenty five years and let me tell you, we have faced so many ups and downs!  Yet, we still have so much fun together and we know each other so well we are even more prepared to face what the next twenty five years will bring.

And these friends I have!  Wow!  Some I have been fortunate enough to grow up with and others have just miraculously fallen in my lap recently.  Who knew that there would be so many wonderful people out there and that I would get to know them?  Talented, creative, kind, driven, fill in the adjectives and keep going!  These friends have supported me, allowed me room to grow and opened my eyes to a world outside my personal radius.

I have written a book!  What?  I have helped a child learn to read! I have been unemployed for almost a month! I have lost my religion, found religion, lost it again and now am making it up as I go along.  I have survived some of the worst haircuts known to man and have lost and gained so much weight in my life I have every size dress in my closet from 20 to 6!  I have failed, won, fallen down, gotten up, made promises, broken them, explored, hidden, gave trust and survived betrayal, fought for my friendships and asked for forgiveness.

Just like we all have…I am no different from any other human being on this planet.

So….was it all somehow planned?  Is there a destiny for all of us?  How could this terrible, wonderful life of mine be set up in any kind of order? How could your’s be?

Some people believe in destiny and some don’t.  I’m not sure which way I stand on it; I have to do some more pondering and reading before I come down on one side or another.

But it blows my mind to consider it.






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