Unleash a Hurricane

087d7f0069385dd543178c4c2fca3430.jpg 2015 is almost over.

Another one bites the dust, so they say.

I will let you in on a little secret…every year for the last ten years or so I don’t make a New Year’s Resolution, instead I name the next year and declare it as a year of purpose on one thing.

For example, The Year of the Body, The Year of the Mind, The Year of the Family, They Year of the Creative, etc.  And for the most part it works.  If I keep that simple focus in mind I can usually make at least one thing better in each category every year.  Really, it works, but I keep it a secret because I fall off the wagon pretty often and have to refocus.  I don’t really want anyone reminding me I declared I was going to enrich my mind when I am caught watching silly You Tube videos for hours at a time.

But the secret is out!!!  I am purposely making public that 2016 will be the Year of the Wake Up.

My goal is to wake up to the world around me and in turn, shake that silly, almost half a century old Meg up, slap her on the face and say, “If you can’t wake up, you can’t take control of your own life!” My own life!

To use a visual example:

Imagine I am in a coma in a hospital room. It shouldn’t be a stretch.

So, I’m sleeping peacefully in a coma, but on the medical screens which hover over me you can see that my heart still beats strongly, my blood pressure is good, all major organs are up and running without assistance and I still have brain waves, but none the less, I remain in a coma.

Then a group of people enter the room. They line up single file by my bed, lean over my face and the first one says, “Meg, time to vote for your President.”  The next one says, “Time to make decisions about the care of your elderly father.”  “There have been more shootings in the country and what’s your opinion?” “We are slowing whittling away at women’s rights, you are okay with that, right?”

Stunned, you turn to the people in line and say, “What are you doing!  Can’t you see she is in a coma?” Equally stunned, the group of people say to you, “But she always is, isn’t she? We thought this was how she normally looked.”

And then you realize how right they are!

I was in church yesterday and my favorite female Episcopalian priest quoted a poem I had not heard.  I have a request into her to send it to me and I will post as soon as I have it.

Anyway, the line which stays with me is, “spread your painted wings slightly and unleash a hurricane.”

Starting now, I intend to.


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