Book Review – The Cavendon Women-It’s Utterly Amazing- But not in a good way.


Oh, my!  Oh, my!

This was a very strange book.  I actually thought it was so silly, I found myself laughing out loud and then repeating the dialogue out loud just to make sure I read it accurately.

Some of my personal favs…

“Can I be a bridesmaid?” asked Dulcie.

“Yes, you can, Dulcie.  And you too, Deirdre and you too, DeLacy, and I shall be Matron of Honor, because I am married.” 

“But we don’t have any bridesmaids dresses,” said Dulcie, making a moue(this is an overly pretentious word for pouty face.)

Strange, but these women are all adults. I thought I was reading the script from one of those Barbie movies.

Get ready for spoilers!

All the women in the Ingham family are the same woman.  Blonde, lovely, kind and generous beyond measure with the most amazing colored eyes. The only way I could tell them apart was the subtle hints dropped in dialogue.

Example, and I’m paraphrasing…

“It’s quite difficult opening an art gallery.  One has to find the art and all..” (Aha, that’s Dulcie- the youngest of the insipid blondes!)

The men of the Ingham family hardly inspire any confidence.  At the opening of the book Miles, really- his name is Miles, is musing about how after he threw Cecily over years ago to marry for money. He is now prepared to ask her again because the first marriage didn’t work out. He just brings it up as they discuss seating arrangements and appetizers for the family weekend he is planning.  What to do first?  The proposal or pick the colors of the napkins, eh Miles?

The Earl spent some time checking the vaults making sure the family investment jewels are all there.  Whoops!  Something is missing!  The clan comes to the conclusion the Earl’s ex wife must have taken some and they all spend about a page wondering what to do with this crisis.  Finally someone comes up with the idea of asking for it back and all is well again!

The Ingham’s skip around the Hall with no real thoughts or feelings.  Even when a character ends up with a dead man in her bed(yet, another Downton Abby steal!) she get’s over it pretty quickly and is off skipping again in no time.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the Swann’s.  Who are these people?

The idea behind this family is they have been sworn to protect the Ingham family because the Ingham stupidity goes way back. And so they do.  Every single time!!!  In fact it is good old Cecily who ends up saving the day, aka Cavendon Hall.  I assume because Miles was too busy comparing color swatches at the time.

Why was this book written?

A) To show us that you really don’t have to have good dialogue or employ the “show don’t tell” rule at all to have a bestseller?

B) Because we want to believe that rich people are wonderful kind and dumb as rocks at the same time?

C) Good will alway conquer mild annoyances? There is no real evil in the book, unless you count endless descriptions of dinner parties, which in this case I did!

D) Because the word “shan’t” has been neglected.  “Oh, I shan’t wear the the pink gown!  I shan’t, I tell you!”

My overall recommendation is read this book when you are feeling down.

It brought a smile to my face with every page.

Pg. 177-

Daphne to her husband Hugo, who is sitting in the library. 

“Can I come in, darling or am I intruding?” 

Hugo jumps up, takes her by the hand and pulls her into the room. 

“You never intrude on my life, Daphne.  I am filled with joy every time I see you.  If I could I would even take you to the office with me, so we would never be apart ever!” 

Daphne threw her head back and laughed at his impetuous declaration. 

I loved it!  Not only the knee slapper about taking her to the office, but the implication that he is filled with joy even when she walks in when he is perhaps using the facilities!





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