I never want to grow old

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Lately, I have been spending most of my time with younger people.

See, I left my last job because it came down to being told I was on the chopping block.

On the chopping block, because a grumpy, old man didn’t like me on for a variety of reasons, but one I will never forget is, “You are always asking questions and Dr. XXX doesn’t like that, you should know these things by now.”  One of the first things he told me when we met was, “Pay attention.  I never answer the same question twice.” Don’t you just you just love people who make those blanket personal declarations.

Whatever.  I wasn’t asking how to use the stapler or what that big machine was where the paper with words mysteriously came out.  I was flush with ideas and asking about processes with the goal to make things better.

Moving on….

Currently I am in a position where most of my coworkers are younger than all–well, they all are and we work with children.

It is utterly fantastic.

At first I was intimidated.  “Would they think I am too old?” “Would I be able to keep up?”

But as I let myself be pulled into their swimming pool of youth, just like in the movie Cocoon,  I have emerged with a youthful soul.

I don’t mind getting old physically.  I’m not looking to look younger.  It is the way of nature and while I’m not too keen on bad knees or fading eyesight, I will wear my wrinkles and gray hair proudly.

It’s growing mentally and spiritually old I don’t want.

We should put all the young people of the world in charge; before they become jaded and beaten down by the world.  We should follow the cult of “Let’s try it anyway…maybe it is a mistake, but we can’t be sure about that….how can you think it’s impossible when it could be wonderful?  I believe in the fantastic and of course, we can change the world.”

This is an open invitation to the mentally and spiritually old…..

Come with me. Come out of the safe havens with the thick, but foggy windows.  Slide back the bolts on your heavy doors and fall down some rabbit holes with me.

Let’s go swimming.


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