Woke up like this.

Seriously, that’s a blanket I’m wearing. 20160402_102911-1
But my point is this: I am, as of today, at a weight I’m happy about. I’ve lost a fair bit of weight and while I definitely need to lose more, I’ve crossed a goal line.
The funny thing is that the weight I am right now is a weight I HATED when it was my usual weight.
It’s like the theme of my life. When I was a kid, I didn’t want to wear shorts because I thought my legs were ugly. I didn’t want to be in pictures because I hated the way I looked. Then 10 years later I looked at those pics and thought, “What the hell was wrong with me? I was cute.”
Then I gained some weight and didn’t want to wear dresses or revealing clothes and didn’t want pictures. And ten years later I looked at those pictures and thought, “There was nothing wrong with the way I looked. Why didn’t I just enjoy myself?”
So here I am, thrilled to be at a weight that I used to hate.
And maybe I have learned something (FINALLY!). I’m willing to wear tighter shirts than I’ve EVER been willing to wear. Lower cut shirts than I’ve ever wanted to wear.
Nope, I don’t look the way I wish I looked. But I’m going to try to stop hating the way I look right now.

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