Amy Schumer Show Review – Tulsa


I doubt you had more fun last night than I did!

Bear(cute, code name for my husband of 25 years) and I headed downtown to see Amy Schumer live.  She did not disappoint!

The show started with a wonderful jazz ensemble with Amy’s older brother as the front man.  I loved that!  Family is important and I loved how Amy kept working it into her show.  From stories about her new boyfriend’s mother to her own sister, who I would totally ask for an autograph as well as from Amy, she seemed so joyful when speaking about those she loved.

It goes without saying that I am a huge fan, so I’m not going to drone on and on about her act.  It was Amy!  It was wonderful!  And I loved every minute of it!  But to just point out my favorite part…it was when she began to show photos of herself and her sister and remind us of what we all know, but still can’t admit.  Women are amazing creatures with all kinds of different bodies and even in 2016, we are still subject to that horrible “ideal” body shaming and the cult of personality is just as silly and fake as it always has been.

But enough about the show – I’m want to talk about the best part of the evening!

Bear and I decided to go get a drink after the show.  This was pretty darn exciting on its own, because it was already 3hrs past the time we usually go to bed.  But we got on that “highway to the danger zone,” last night and went for it!

So anyway, we go, order the drinks and some food, and I have to get in line to use the ladies room.  And it was so much fun!  All of the women in the line had been to the show and we were all talking about it.  We talked about our favorite jokes, praised each others outfits and laughed and laughed and laughed.  No one stood quietly by and avoided eye contact.  No one!  I will probably never see any of these women again, but for that brief period of time, while standing in a line to use a bathroom, we were friends.  I’m calling it “The Amy Effect.”

Amy Schumer has a powerful voice.  She reaches out to her tribe- all of us imperfect, loving, funny, powerful women, who are just as insecure and struggling to make sense of it all as she is. I feel very lucky to be in the tribe with you, Amy.

And for all of you who stood in the line with me last night–I wish you all more laughter and more light!  Power on, Sisters!




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