How a bad day taught me some of the best things!

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Ah, the bad day!

We’ve all had them.

In my opinion, no man, woman or child should leave this Earth without having several really horrible bad days.

Now let me tell you why….

On my most recent bad day I actually learned a lot and I had a lot to be thankful for.  So let’s explore how good a bad day can be!  Come on!

Lesson No. 1- Human beings make mistakes, which gives us the ability to learn and change.  Just in case you don’t think this is a big revelation let’s look at the animal kingdom.

Does a rattlesnake make a mistake when it bites you? No! It knows exactly what it is doing.

Does a rabbit ever mate with a dog? No!  It knows it is a rabbit and not a dog, so it doesn’t get all caught up in awkward conversations about feeling needy.

But humans do!  We lash out with our venom for no reason or we get all tied up in awkwardness and fear, which then clouds our judgment, which causes us to make mistakes and only through mistakes can we learn and grow.

So, I say, “Good job humans!  Keep learning!”

Lesson No. 2 – Friends and family are wonderful, so cultivate those relationships.  On my most recent bad day I had people I love  who wanted to hear the whole story and others  who told me to calm down and still others  who made me laugh at myself.  It was wonderful!

This may be why bad days were invented …just think about it for a moment.  How many people in your own life are you taking for granted?  Hmmmmmm???

Well, you won’t take them for granted when you are sobbing at the drive thru ordering those fries and milk shake and they are in the passenger seat reminding you how much they love you, as they search the bag for the ketchup.

Lesson No. 3 –  Mean people aren’t going away and you and I can easily become them.  Now, you might be thinking, “But I know some pretty mean people and there is no way I am like them!”  Trust me, I agree!  I know people who are rude, cruel, disingenuous and downright nasty.  There are those who always have to be right, those who tease or make fun of others and those who look down on others.  But let’s be honest, the only way not to become them is to survive them.  

Lesson No. 4 – A bad day gives you the chance to take stock.   Messy though it is, life is never as golden as when it is viewed from a fresh perspective and that perspective is what a bad day delivers.  It is a wake up call for something. Just look around at your life after a bad day- I bet there is something there begging for change.

Let me conclude with one of my favorite quotes, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” and I couldn’t agree more.   To be clear, the quote is not completely accurate as we cannot count on beer as being the Divine’s favorite drink.

No indeed!

Alcohol has been around for millions of years and as far as I can tell it serves no other purpose than bad day relief.

Thousands of examples, but one quickly comes to mind…Civil War soldiers were giving whisky or bourbon or any alcohol on hand to drink before their legs and arms were amputated.  Some very bad days indeed!

To me this indicates that whatever we call God or The Force or whatever, knew from the beginning of time we had some bad days coming and along with grapes and mead provided us with the makings for chocolate and mac and cheese.

So raise a glass to the bad days!  Salute your humanity and take heart!

“That which does not kill us”…..(insert smily face!)



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