Sci-fi lovers, rejoice! is live

ninaSo… I’ve been working on a thing.

Actually, an old friend from middle school is now out in L.A., and he’s been working on a thing. He just launched an online sci-fi video and news curation site called And I’m the editor of the news section!

Yeah, sure, this is shameless self-promotion. But let’s also call this some important news for everyone who loves science fiction. Recursor is the first online video site dedicated solely to high-quality sci-fi. Remember the Science Fiction Channel before it turned into SyFy? For reals, people.

Recursor is all about promoting indie sci-fi, the kind of stuff that filmmakers make because they love the genre and love the craft. The realm of doing VFX isn’t just in the hands of ILM anymore. People can and are doing special effects…really good ones…on their computers and even smartphones. And the storytelling is really good too.

I’m really excited about the potential of Recursor – and other sites like it – to give indie authors and indie artists yet another legitimate outlet to reach their fans. And if you’re into sci-fi creation…whether script writing, art conceptualization, filming, production… then be sure to like Recursor’s website and Facebook and Twitter feeds, because there’s going to be a contest coming up that lets you participate in the creation of an indie film.

For more on Recursor, check out this Forbes article. Or this Digital Trends article. Or this article.

Know anyone who is making indie sci-fi films right now? Or know anyone who works on technology that turns science fiction into science fact? Then reach out to me, because I might be able to highlight those friends of yours on Recursor.

And if you just love good sci-fi, check out the first three episodes of Recursor’s new show, Nina_Unlocked, about an AI military assassin who reboots herself and is now trying to figure out her new identity.


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