What do I believe?

Boy Howdy, there has been a lot going on in the world lately, hasn’t there?

All of this turmoil has  prompted me to look deep inside and ask….

What do I really believe? 

First section – The “hot button” issues of the day.

  1. Gun Control – I really don’t care if you have a lot of guns  or even what kind of guns you have, just don’t  go out and shoot people, please.  Also, I think if let your kids play with guns and they get shot or shoot others, I don’t think you should have them, but other than that – I really don’t care.
  2. Abortion – I don’t think it should be easy, but I don’t think it should be never.  If I was told I was going to die from a pregnancy in the first trimester and the pregnancy was not viable – I would have an abortion.  There I said it.  Let the hate comments roll in!
  3. Climate Change – Yes, I think climate change is man made and yes, I think we should take measures to try to stop it or slow it down.  I base this on my elementary science class where I learned that trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide through their leaves and break it down, releasing oxygen into the air. Then I learned humans breath oxygen.  So to me it seems like a good enough idea to keep that going.
  4. God– I believe in God, but I really don’t care if you do or not.  I don’t feel the need to talk about what I believe.  I think Faith is a quiet thing- but it’s fine if you think the opposite, this goes in the “whatever” section of my life.
  5. The MediaI like the media.  I like newspapers and the news and documentaries.  And I like it when the media is tough on public figures- all of them.  My good friend Tracy made a statement once  I thought was wonderful and I try to live by it- “If you say it – you own it,” even if you don’t “own” it forever.  I’m perfectly fine with statement’s such as,  “I did say that, but now I have a different point of view because of x, y or z.” Do I think the media is biased – sure, it can be, but that’s why we should have a lot of it- to get different views and make up our own mind.  I really like Anderson Cooper, but if he told me to jump off a cliff–No thanks, Andy!
  6. Illegal Immigrants – I don’t hate them, because given the right circumstances I would do it also.  For example, I have two boys and if I lived in a place where gun shots rang out overnight and I had no money or food to give them and all I had to do to get them to a safe place was run across a desert at night- load up the packs, boys! I would do anything for my children, even break a law. But it is illegal and with that comes the knowledge I would go to jail or be deported; after all I did break the law. This is a complex issue, one that I don’t think should be viewed as all good or all bad, but should be really examined closely and from all sides.
  7. Feminism“the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, “ Merriam – Webster on-line dictionary – 2016.  Yes, I believe that, so yes, label me!

Those were some pretty big topics, but now I would like to touch on some more personal subjects.

  1. I believe you should not let your children or yourself leave the house in dirty clothes or with a dirty face.
  2. I believe you should let the person with fewer items get in front of you in line at the grocery store, even if you are in a hurry.
  3. I believe tailgating in traffic show you are a jerk.
  4. I believe if you talk on your cell phone in the movie theater, you should be asked to leave.
  5. I believe you should feel sorry for kids who bully other kids.  I mean, most bullies are losing the battle of life on some level, either at home or at school.  My kids have both been bullied and it was horrible! But when I got to know the parents of the bullies – those  poor kids had some loser parents- trust me!  
  6. I believe you should be kind to animals, even ugly or scary animals, such as lizards.
  7. I believe you should give to charity in some way – either time or money.
  8. I believe you should read or watch anything you want.  If it’s Jane Austen, the Bible or hardcore porn.  It’s your call, not mine or anyone else’s.
  9. I believe you should have good table manners.  I’m not talking about Downton Abby manners, but don’t burp or pass gas or talk with your mouth full of food, at the very least.
  10. I believe you should be fine with people disagreeing with you even if they yell or scream or tell you your views are stupid and crazy.  News flash – I can worship what I want and where I want, I can say what I think and so can you!

God Bless America!


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