“Trump won, so just shut up!”

anti-trump-protestorsI have been seeing this sentiment a lot lately and I have to admit, I just don’t get it.

Why do people have to “shut up” because Trump won?

Trump won because his supporters didn’t shut up.  Trump supporters were loud and proud about their views.  They rallied and chanted “Lock her up!”  and “Build the wall!’ and “Paul Ryan sucks!” and my personal fav, the always keeping it classy, “Trump that bitch!” 

Trump supporters were louder and stronger and most importantly they used their voting voice for a candidate they believed in.  And they won the White House, which now with the House and the Senate, provides them with almost unlimited power.

So why do they care if the protests go on?  What does it really matter?  

Maybe they care because they want the rest of the country to support a candidate they didn’t vote for or believe in.  Just like they did with Obama, right? 

Maybe they care because if the protests continue more and more people will start paying attention to the fact- FACT– that America is a democracy and just as easily as someone can be voted in they can also be voted out. 

Maybe they care because they feel that the protestors for  make too much noise and drown out the commentary from Dancing with the Stars.

To all the Trump supporters- what are you so afraid of?

You made the most of your voices and you won.  YOU WON!

So let the protestors protest.  Frankly there have been many, many protests which have gone un-reported by the news- thank you again to the media for deciding for us what should be covered and what should not be covered.  It spares us the pain of thinking for ourselves. 

Surely you are not afraid of a little disagreement on policy or even a few questions about our new President and his campaign promises, right?

GOP 2016 Debate






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