2016 – The Year of Endings

2016= 2+0+1+6=9 9=endings

In the fringe(cringe!) world of numerology 2016 was predicated to be a year of endings.  I found a post from December of 2o15, which noted – 2016 will be a year of endings, completion and rest.  And so it has been for many.

My never-into- that-kind-of- crazy-new-age-stuff-always-rational husband recently forced me to read an article which asserted that 2016, as far as deaths are concerned, was no different from any other year.   We just think it is because we are ourselves, a) older, b) more aware of celebrities, c) more linked together because of social media.

But doesn’t it feel different to you?  Doesn’t it?

Doesn’t 2016 feel a little sadder,  a little more empty than other years?

For me, so many of these deaths pull harder at my heart than others have in years past.  Maybe it’s because I have endured a very personal loss, maybe….

I could have filled up the page with photos of all of those we have lost in 2016.  I chose these few representatives of art and history because my memories today, but tomorrow I could pick dozens more.

It’s been a very long year.

I am so weary of endings.



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