Sometimes depression is a terminal disease

Reposting this because my depression is really bad right now, maybe it’s the holidays, I don’t know. But I needed this and thought I’d share.

purple ink writers

Depression is like a war

A few years ago, a good friend of mine killed himself. I did all the things you do: I blamed myself. I got mad at him. I grieved.

While talking to a friend, I expressed the thought that if I’d only called him that day as I’d planned… and he said, “Sometimes depression is a terminal disease.” Sometimes, you cannot save someone with depression.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Take depression seriously.

depression 3

Don’t tell a depressed person they should just smile more. Or that they’re just being dramatic. Or that they should just think positive, or just shake off the negative feelings.

Depression is a disease. You wouldn’t tell someone with cancer, or in liver failure, or heart failure to just let it roll off them. You wouldn’t even think of making one of those people feel bad about themselves for their inability to just “get over it.”…

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