About Us


Purple Ink Writers is a group of women (and friends, both male and female) who have bonded over our love for good conversation, laughs, a drink or two, and a shared passion for everything that falls under the speculative fiction umbrella. Whether it’s urban fantasy, tales of the weird, spooky ghost stories, fractured fairy tales, science fiction dreams, or something altogether odd and new—we embrace it and make it our own.

We took our name from the story (perhaps apocryphal, perhaps true) that Virginia Woolf wrote in purple ink. But in a bit of serendipity, it turns out purple ink is also mentioned in the play Willy Wonka. Charlie’s Grandpa tells Charlie: “Write it in purple ink, Charlie. If you write it in purple ink, you’ll never forget it!” And that’s our goal: to create memorable writing.

Our short story anthologies, Dark and Dangerous ThingsDark and Dangerous Things II, and Dark and Dangerous Things III are available on Amazon and CreateSpace. And look for Dark and Dangerous Things IV, which is in the works now and expected to debut in December 2016.


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