Wizard World Comic Con Tulsa 2015

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The Women in Genre Fiction consists of members of Purple Ink Writers and a Murder of Storytellers. These writers’ groups collaborate to produce some of the best new writing in Speculative Fiction.

Purple Ink Writers

Purple Ink Writers is a group of women who have bonded over our love for good conversation, laughs, a drink or two, and a shared passion for everything that falls under the speculative fiction umbrella. Whether it’s urban fantasy, tales of the weird, fractured fairy stories, science fiction dreams, or something altogether odd and new—we embrace it and make it our own.

We took our name from the stories of Virginia Woolf writing in purple ink. But in a bit of serendipity, it turns out purple ink is also mentioned in the play Willy Wonka. Charlie’s Grandpa tells Charlie: “Write it in purple ink, Charlie. If you write it in purple ink, you’ll never forget it!” And that’s our goal: to create memorable writing.

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The Purple Ink Writers have published two speculative fiction anthologies:

DarkandDangerousThings enlarged - updated


Dark and Dangerous Things Cover createspace try 2


A Murder of Storytellers

Everyone knows that a gathering of crows is called a murder, but they’re also called a storytelling. As writers, we aim to tell our stories, murdering those errors and fears that hold us back. As publishers, we’re looking for voices in genre fiction that often go ignored or are asked to change. Our goal is to always help each become better writers and foster a sense of community.

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Among many other publications which can be found at the above link is Broken Worlds, an anthology which features stories from both Adrean Messmer and Donna A Leahey:


broken worlds

Adrean Messmer is featured in this anthology as well:

FaedFrontCover - small

M.A. Chiappetta

Twitter: @chippermuse

M.A. Chiappetta officially began her writing career in the eighth grade with a riveting tale of two robots who fall in love against society’s conventions. Published today, “Robots in Love” would no doubt be a blockbuster, if only a copy of it still existed. Today, she continues her quest to become famous and well-paid through copywriting, ghostwriting, teaching college-level writing, editing, and writing blogs, articles, and books of her own. She has been published in Preview Green Country, Blue Shift, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat, and Mensa Bulletin.

out to get me

Coming Soon

(with a much better cover)

If Only


Donna A. Leahey

Twitter: @soonerdvm

As a child in school, Donna A. Leahey turned her vocabulary homework into short stories. Years later, she is still crafting stories. Writer, gamer, flake, Sooner, mom, dog-lover, nerd, geek, procrastinator, coffee addict, green-eyed curly girl Donna is a practicing veterinarian. She is the mother of one grown son and shares her thoughts on writing on the Purple Ink Writers blog. She is a freelance writer for Preview Green Country and the occasional blog.

dupedfinal - small


Adrean Messmer

Twitter: @adreanmessmer

Adrean Messmer loves horror stories. Terror, bloodshed, awful things happening to good people, and monsters are her favorite things. She is the president of the critique club, Nevermore Edits, and a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc, and The Horror Writers Association.

If you want to know more, you can find her over at www.splatterhouse5.com, where she talks about whatever nonsense strikes her fancy and judges other people’s writing.


BeyondTheNightlighSW - small



Margaret Perdue

Margaret Perdue is a working wife and mother of two boys. She is active in several volunteer activities including PTSA and various community organizations. She blogs at Purple Ink Writers and is a founding member of Purple Ink Creative Services. An editor and contributor to the Dark and Dangerous Things anthology series, Margaret also writes for local magazines. She lives in Tulsa with her endlessly patient and supportive husband.

Margaret has published two Gothic ghost stories:

St. Doms

Wharton Cover

Madalyn Singer

Madalyn Singer spends most of her time inventing universes and keeping out of the sun. She has been a writer all her life, as well as in all her previous lives. Madalyn is a student, a novice butterfly catcher, a sister, a daughter, a cartoon enthusiast, a cat owner, a lightweight when it comes to alcohol and, of course, a neurotic mess with ink-stained fingers. She lives in a nice, peaceful home with buxom nurses and a good view of the koi pond. Please don’t worry about her well-being. Everything is going to be just fine.

Coming soon:

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